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What is Your Skin Trying To Tell You?

Remember that old song about the shin bone’s connected to the knee bone, which is connected to the thigh bone (and so on)? That concept, the belief that the myriad components of our bodies function as a whole, has long been the foundation of Chinese medicine. By contrast, the West tends to compartmentalize, treating symptoms and affected body parts rather than examining what the root cause of the problem might be.

While both approaches have their proponents and detractors perceiving the body as a whole, where everything works together is becoming widely encouraged in the skin care arena.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the face is a barometer of good health. And, because each area of the face is believed to correlate to an internal zone, disharmony in that area will manifest in the corresponding facial area. The eyes are connected to the liver, the forehead corresponds to the digestion, the nose and the cheeks to the lungs, and so forth.

Dermalogica has taken this erudite thinking and melded it with modern solutions to create their own way of analyzing the skin. Called a Face Mapping skin analysis, this five-minute, one-on-one consultation is the bedrock upon which all Dermalogica professional skin treatments are performed.

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Achieve Your Best Skin Ever with a Professional Skin Therapist

“The face can reveal so much about our skin care habits, lifestyle and inner wellness,” says Emma Hobson, Education Manager at Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute. “Face Mapping allows licensed professional skin therapists, who are already highly-educated about skin, to ‘read’ the signals our body communicates through our skin, and pinpoint the right ingredients, treatments and skin care products to address your skin concerns.”

So how exactly does Face Mapping work? First, it divides the face into 14 distinct zones, each with its own set of potential problems and unique needs.

Congestion in zone 5? This may reveal sinus problems or a recent chest infection. Dark spots in zone 14? You may be spraying perfume here or you may not be applying enough sunscreen. If you’re experiencing the “What” your skin will reveal the “why”. That’s how this unique diagnosis provides real skin care solutions. It also helps your skin therapist accurately prescribe a professional skin treatment that’s customized to your needs, as well as a targeted at-home care regimen to help maintain your results.

Best of all, professional skin therapists worldwide have reported that their clients are amazed by the benefits. “Not only are more people discovering the true source of their skin concerns, they love how their skin therapists have coached their skin back to good health by recommending slight adjustments to their home care regimen, diets and even lifestyles,” Hobson says.

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