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The Tale of Daily Microfoliant

Where did the idea for Daily Microfoliant come from? Here’s the story of  Dermalogica’s most-loved product.

Dermalogica founder, Jane Wurwand came up with the idea for the game-changing and most popular product, Daily Microfoliant, after she spent a stint of time at a traditional Japanese ‘Onsen’ spa. She learned of the Japanese tradition of ‘rice-water beauties’.

“For centuries, women in Japan had been using the milky rinse-water used to cleanse rice on their skin. The phytic acid is a mild skin brightener, and the rice husk is a gentle exfoliant, and both are key ingredients in our brightening formula”, explains Jane.

It was important that Jane and the team at Dermalogica came up with the perfect formula for the product. It had to be easy to use and gentle, yet give the best skin-enhancing results possible. “The product’s delivery system – a dry, silky-fine powder which transforms into a smooth polishing paste between your two wet hands – was very clear in my mind, inspired by my travels and experiences in Asia”.

A lot of people who own Daily Microfoliant like to use it as a very thick paste, adding very little water. In fact, you should add lots of water to your hands and try and get it to foam right up. If done correctly, you should not feel too many grains on the skin at all. Water activates the salicylic acid within the product, meaning you get a much better and brighter result!

Have you tried Daily Microfoliant? What do you think of it? Is it a staple in your skin care regimen? How many times a week do you use it? We want to know!

Yet to try this wonder-product? Talk to a skin therapist at Renu Day Spa and ask them for a sample!

Daily Microfoliant

Daily Microfoliant. Find it at Renu Day Spa.