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The Power of Natural Touch


According to ancient Andean traditions, the hands are an extension of the heart, the place where the soul resides. Energy is transmitted through our hands. Therefore, the hands are considered healing instruments. To supplement the healing that our hands can bring, we use oils to create smoothness, lubrication, and vigor.

The sanskrit word for oil is “snigdha.” Sanskrit has many layers of meaning, and translated, snigdha means oil, fat, and also, love! Like love, it is nourishing. When we use oil in a massage, we are taking care of ourselves, and coating ourselves with love.

Most oils are extracted from the seeds of plants. If you think of a seed, it has the life force of the plant inside it and the entire blueprint for the adult plant. It has so much potentiality contained within! It is like its own little point of creation that is also a manifestation of the greater whole. They extend back in time and forward into the future simultaneously.
A baby plant sprouts from the seed, grows to be an adult plant, undergoes reproduction to make more seeds, and then even if that plant dies, it will live on in its seeds – it is immortal. A seed has all of that in it – life force, creation, immortality – as do the oils.


At Renu all services are nothing short of an Ode to the Human Body. We offer healing rituals from all over the world. We heal mind, body, and spirit with Ayurveda, Reflexology, Chinese Acupressure, Inca’s Sacred Healing Journeys, Organic Oils & Botanicals, Aromatherapy, and Muds & Volcanic Ashes. These are performed with the greatest healing instruments, our hands, which represent the language of our hearts.

You are invited to join our healing team!

Picture from Spirituality and Health Septembre/ October 2014