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The enemy of cancer – ashwagandha

In Ayurvrda ashwagandha is used as a support to chemotherapy, but also to build up the energy and cells in destroyed by chemotherapy system. Ashwagandha is also believed to ease nausea and also rebuild the optimism and life energy. It is very good for fighting depression which is typical state of mind during chemotherapy.

Ayruvedic doctor recommend using ashwagandha and/or turmeric to prevent cancel.

We have ordered an ashwagandha oil from Green Envee, (our supplier of organic skin and body products) to nourish the skin of people receiving massages when going thru chemotherapy or recovering.

I personally use ashwagandha instead of coffee to bust my energy. Drinking coffee might be excellent for some diseases but there is also divert and depletes the body of a lot of minerals. I personally have muscle cramps when I indulge myself in my beloved coffee.

Give ashwagandha some attention- it really deserves it!