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Tathaastu: So Be It. March/April 2013

I know that so many young people in our neighborhood struggle from depression, or just do not know which direction to go. March/April  2013 issue of Tathaastu might help parents in guiding their children through difficult days of our life. Let me use the Editorial  to explain what subjects are discussed in that issue.

Most of us are often caught up in negative feelings, anger, depression, and a perennial sense of guilt. In the Spotlight article “Letting Go of Guilt, Shame, and Fear,” Dr. Deepak Chopra suggests tools to handle these emotions in a better way so that one is able to move forward. Forgiveness is important in being able to progress in life and to simply, live. Ed and Deb Shapiro’s article “Forgiveness: The Pearl in the Oyster,’ offers insight into this very difficult process.

Meditation is one of the best ways to heal and silence the chatter of the mind. Dada J.P. Vaswani in “Relax! Relax! Relax!” provides meditation techniques for relaxation and says, “We must take a dip every day in the water of silence if we wish to be healed, cleansed, ennobled, and strengthened for the daily tasks of life.”

I hope you find the strength to heal, that you are free of dark thoughts, and that you have the enthusiasm to truly live life on a daily basis.


Tathaastu: So Be IT.


Georgy Bhaala