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Spa Packages

Escape the everyday with our customized spa packages. Our luxurious treatments are designed to completely unwind and rejuvenate.  You are welcome to create your own packages too.

In The Zone  : : 2 Hours  for $139
1 Hr Hot Stones Massage  &  Classic Organic Facial

Executive Treatment : : 3.5 Hours for $201
1 Hr Hot Stones Massage, Classic Organic Facial, Signature Manicure & Pedicure

MandiLulur Bridal Ritual: : 3 Hours for $250
Originating in the royal palaces of Java as a pre-wedding ritual the bride to be would receive a full body massage with jasmine oil followed by a Lulur (meaning coating the skin) paste which is an aromatic body exfoliating mask. The body mask was then followed by a milk bath strewn with flow petals and traditionally called a MandiSusu. That was going for 40 days and each day all happily married women shared with the bride to be the secrets of keeping your husband happy. We recreated and upgraded the service to the needs of today’s women. You will start your treatment with Rich Pine Foot Cleansing and a cup of spiced herbal tea. That will help you take a deep breath and focus on enjoying the ritual which will start with our Organic facial. This facial will leave your skin glowing and your body hungry for more pampering. That’s great because now you will be treated to udwarthanams, which is delicious herbal scrub followed by the body wrap. You will take a nap while your body releases stress and toxins. Then you will have to do a little bit of work by yourself and take a shower. Don’t worry – pampering and healing will continue. After that your body will be massaged with hot stones and oils. We will start from your feet to ground you, and end up with your head to clear your mind. When you turn over your healer will place gemstones on all seven of your energy centers known as Chakras. Aromatherapy oils will be massaged in your feet and palms of your hands. Your practitioner will hold her hands over the Chakras to attract there the purest and the most healing universal energy. You are ready to face the world and deal with its ups and downs, trying not to focus but avoid the traffic of troubles.

Perfect gift for moms and brides to be.

Let it Be 2 hrs $140.00                                                                                                                                                                  Our body is maintained by 7 major energy centers known as Chakras. If one or few, or all of the centers are imbalanced our mind is confused and our body is in danger of sickness and diseases. Chakras can be balanced easily with different energy modalities, gemstones, color, vibration and aromatherapy oils. Our treatment combines all those tools and creates a very spiritual experience. Our Reiki technicians guide the universal energy towards your body and coach you to open itself to its power. You become your own healer.

This customized treatment begins with foot soaking rituals in a tub filled with stones and crystals followed by a full body organic aromatherapy body scrub. Now the healing will begin. The therapist will place 7 crystals on 7 body energy centers. You will experience a unique body massage because it is an energy driven treatment that incorporates powerful crystals, lava stones and aromatherapy oils designed for each body chakra and organic oils to firm, tone, and relieve stress. You will be free of any negative energy and ……experience the “7th Heaven”.