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Retirement of North Shore Legend


Today, Wednesday, October 1, 2014, Candy LoGiurato, Senior Vice President of BankFianancial, will enter the bank for her last time as its employee.

I, Anna Pamula, owner of Renu Day Spa, am lucky to be, not only her customer, but also her friend. I met Candy in 1989 when I purchased Renu Body Boutique, a business not profiting at that time. Candy came into Renu as a client and after conversing told me she was my personal banker and that she could help me develop my business. My problem, then, was not having any credit history. I had applied for credit with several banks and was denied due to lack of equity. Candy researched and advised me to gain credit my getting a business credit card. Upon my divorce settlement I was able to purchase a home and with Candy’s help found a mortgage. The interest rates were high and I was assured by Candy that if I paid all twelve installments on a timely basis, the mortgage could be refinanced at a lower interest rate. She kept her promises.

When I was financially ready to buy commercial property and remodel an addition, I needed loans, which Candy thought would be difficult to get. She advised me to talk to other banks in case her bank couldn’t finance me. No bank wanted to take a risk. Candy spent days preparing a presentation for the Chairman of the Bank convincing him/her that the “immigrant from Poland” with intelligence and integrity would be able to live up to the loan given a chance. Candy was successful in her presentation and it was the beginning of Renu and me being recognized by North Shore businesses.

I am not an exception…Candy helped hundreds of hard working people to achieve their dreams. She was always a banker who was loyal to her employer and recognized the potential of business people on the North Shore.

Candy is a legend. I am happy that she can now begin fulfill her other dreams and am sad that she is leaving because people like her are hard to replace. Candy also has an incredible love for animals. She once ran a rescue center for dogs and cats out of her own house. Along with dogs and cats, she is also a big fan of horses and managed to turn me into a horse ride lover of horses, as well. I hope rescuing animals will become a big part of her life again.

Candy, you made me and I will always remember that. Love, Anna


PS I am positive your other clients have their own stories of your commitments to their success. May you stay healthy and happy forever!