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Our old friend hemp is resurrected.

During my studies on cannabis I learned that even there is a lot of noise about medical marijuana actually it’s cousin hemp is more beneficial for many of body disorders as well as being the best antioxidants for human. Studies on THC and CBDs concluded that THC the main ingredient in marijuana connect only with one receptor in the brain when CBD the main chemical of hemp communicates with all receptors in our brains. I also read that in case of epilepsy the CBDs for some reason are beneficial when THC is useless.

Today I found that CBD was approved at the level 3 of studies on the new drug Epidiolex to be beneficial for epilepsy. I also found from my client a financial adviser that its stock went over 100%. We are including the information on the drug and in the stock. Invest in the future of cannabinoids .

Our old friend hemp is resurrected.