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Ode to Body

 When you bring your body to Renu for treatment, you might be self-conscious about how something is jigglier or hairier or bigger than you want it to be, but that’s not what we’re going to notice.   When we’re touching it, the body doesn’t lie.  It tells us everything; whether it’s working right, moving the way it should.  And it mostly does, which is kind of amazing.  The body isn’t designed to be ornamental; it’s designed to be useful.  Just getting out of bed in the morning, walking around, and loving who you love – your body makes it all possible.  But is yours normal?  We’ll tell you:  It is.  Every body is unique – but then, oddly, they’re all pretty much the same.  So cultivate an appreciation of your body’s grace and coordination and all the things it does right.  This is how we see our bodies and the bodies of our clients.

Couples Massage Room



             What goes on your skin is absorbed much faster than what you put in your mouth.  It’s very important to use the best of oils for massage to nourish skin, body, mind, and spirit.

 Amrit Organic Signature Massage Oils contain organic extra virgin coconut, avocado and olive oils to provide hydration deep within the skin without leaving a heavy, greasy feel.  The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of lauric acid and omega-3 fatty acids contribute to improved skin clarity while antioxidants protect against free radical attack.

Total organic experience –When it comes to techniques each client is treated individually and the style of massage addresses the needs of every single person.


1 60 min. massage, $60.00, regularly $70.00/$75.00

2 60 min. massages, $115.00, regularly $140.00/$150.00

6 60 min. massages, $330.00, regularly $420.00

1 75 min. massage, $75.00, regularly $90.00/$95.00

1 90 min. massage, $89.00, regularly $105.00/$110.00


Let it Be2 hrs now $110.00, regularly $140.00

Our body is maintained by 7 major energy centers known as Chakras.  If one or few, or all of the centers are imbalanced our mind is confused and our body is in danger of sickness and diseases.  Chakras can be balanced easily with different energy modalities, gemstones, color, vibration and aromatherapy oils.  Our treatment combines all those tools and creates a very spiritual experience.  Our Reiki technicians guide the universal energy towards your body and coach you to open itself to its power. You become your own healer.

  This customized treatment begins with foot soaking rituals in a tub filled with stones and crystals followed by a full body organic aromatherapy body scrub.  Now the healing will begin.  The therapist will place 7 crystals on 7 body energy centers. You will experience a unique body massage because it is an energy driven treatment that incorporates powerful crystals, lava stones and aromatherapy oils designed for each body chakra and organic oils to firm, tone, and relieve stress.  You will be free of any negative energy and …….experience the “7th Heaven”.