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Detox Spa for the New Year

By admin

Written by Anna Pamula, owner Renu Day Spa

There have been a lot of articles written to prove pros and cons of detoxification process of the body through spa treatments and diets. In December 2011 edition of The Biologist, University College London nutritional biochemistry professor David Bender published an article called “The Detox Delusion,” in which he refers to detoxing as a “meaningless marketing term” and seeks to negate the notion that accumulated toxins in the body can lead to a slower metabolism, lowered energy and weight gain.

Not surprisingly, the article has met with objection in the wellness community, and among the protesters is the Alliance for Natural Health (ahh-europe.org), an internationally active non-governmental organization promoting natural and sustainable approaches to health care worldwide. The organization recently spoke out vehemently on its website against Bender’s allegations, and suggested that Bender study the work of pioneering endocrinologist Dr. Hans Selye, whose research draws a strong connection between weight issue and a lack of hormonal balance in the body. “For many people, the root problem is actually disruption of the endocrine system, and particularly their ability to regulate insulin,” wrote one Alliance journalist.

 From what I understand, there are tools to improve lymph system functioning, especially for aging people and those who are not selective if it comes to food consumption. In ancient times massage has always been a vital tool. Today’s science proves effectiveness of massage to improve lymph system functioning. Some scientists think it is the best tool for that matter. The king of detoxification massage is lymphatic massage, the prince is cupping massage, and the royalties are body wraps.

Renu has a lot of services you could use for detoxification improvement.  All body wraps, especially the Ayurvedic ones on our Healing Spa menu will fall in that category. We offer lymphatic massage, Chinese acupressure, and for mental detox we have Shirodhara, coming from India, and Reiki, coming from Japan. Our aromatherapy oils assist all those services. But the best way to detoxify is not to put toxins in your body. Some situations are out of our control, but we can control food intake, focus on our physical activities, and avoid recreational and medical drugs.

I have been shopping at Whole Foods ever since they moved to Deerfield. I used to buy everything they sell, and I thought that I was eating healthy. One day accidentally I met there one of our clients who looked at my shopping cart and made a comment on my eating habits. She offered me a tour through Whole Foods and explained to me what “whole food” was and what wasn’t. She also explained which products I should avoid or totally eliminate. It took me few months to metabolize her message, but now I read the labels and I follow her rule – simple food equals healthy food.

That person is Ivy Baruch. She is a personal trainer with nutritional guidance. She did miracle for her own body and she can help you too. Ivy offers healthy ways for life. You can reach her at (847)-826-2148 or find online at Ivy@HealthyWaysForLife.com. Good dietitian, personal trainer, who understands your body.

I have read several articles in reputable magazines that using rebounder is the most effective tool to wake up even the most sluggish lymph system. Good way to detoxify.