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Clear start = A Fresh Start

Dermalogica discusses breakouts and great results with Clear Start:

When it comes to skin, breakouts are hands down the number one issue among teens. It not only affects their skin, it lowers their self-confidence and their self-esteem. In fact, when we researched into teenage skin issues, we found that teenagers valued clear skin more than “enjoying life and having fun”!

We designed Clear Start to help young people fight teenage, hormonal acne and breakouts. We knew the formulations were great, we knew that people would love the products and we knew that people would get great results. What we didn’t know, was that we would make a difference to so many young people’s lives on the way.

We chatted to Clear Start fan Sheila about her experience with the range. “I have progressed so much on my Clear Start journey!! My collection has grown and I now have 6 of the 8 available items!! Ever since I started using Clear Start’s products about 6 months ago I knew it was amazing from the first use.” Sheila continues, “Within about 2 weeks, the majority of my blemishes had already started to clear up and my skin felt less oily and was the best it had been in a long time!”

“This is an amazing line of skincare products which I have already recommended to friends and family. Those who have used it have also had amazing results like me.”

Sheila concludes, “This is definitely a product I think everyone should have in their cupboard as it is just incredible.”

Another teen to see tremendous results is Charlotte. She shared her before and after pictures with us on Instagram and has seen a huge change in her skin. She said, “With the help of Dermalogica products, a strict regime, healthy living and supportive friends, family and boyfriend, I have managed to get to where I am today in the large photo.”

Results with Dermalogica

Results with Dermalogica

We’ve included Charlotte’s incredible before and after photos for you, so you can see for yourselves what a difference finding the right products for your skin can make.

Could you or someone you know benefit from trying Clear Start? Simply pop into your skin therapist at Renu Day Spa for a free Face Mapping® skin analysis and have a good chat about your skin.