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Chamomile tea switches off cancer cells

Could chamomile tea prove to be more effective cancer fighter than chemotherapy? Although it may sound absurd, researchers have discovered that the tea – along with parsley and celery – is rich in a compound that “reminds” cancer cells to die.

The key compound is apigenin, which, along with the tea, is found in many fruit and vegetable – in fact, in all the plant-based foods that make up the Mediterranean diet, researchers at Ohio State University have discovered.

They have tested the compound on breast cancer cells, and found that it turns back on a natural process known as apoptosis, or programmed cell death. Cancer cells have lost their ability to die, and so grow inexorably.

Apigenin also binds with 160 proteins, stimulation a complex healing process that is anti-inflammatory, whereas a pharmaceutical drug targets just one molecule, the researchers say.

P.S Turmeric does the same except that has to be taken as whole ground roots. Organic no Gemo preferable, you can find both in organic no Gemo versions at whole foods.


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