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Cancer for Wellness

StandUp2CancerRenu has been standing for a long time by those affected by cancer and for cancer research. We created a perfect environment for people recovering and going through cancer as well as any other immune disorder. From perfect hospital grade sterilization using an autoclave for metal implements to disposing of those items unable to be sterilized, we care about health and healing.
We have brought organic oils and skin care lines to help to remove the toxins from the body after chemotherapy and radiation and exposure to everyday toxins. Organic cosmetics embrace the skin and help the skin fight the harmful effects of the environment. Renu is big on aromatherapy focusing on destressing. Stress is the #1 factor of all disease and our aromatherapy oils are either organic or wild crafted.
We are proud to say that all our technicians responded to a plea from Day Spa magazine to join their organization Wellness for Cancer. All the practitioners have completed their training and are awaiting their certificates. We now know that our job is to be their rock when they fight. We brought healing modalities from all around the world and included them in our Wellness for Cancer rituals.
We feel blessed to be healthy and able to serve those who struggle to get back to optimal health. We are proud to be the spa who cares and proud sponsors of Longevity Week organized each spring at Deerfield High School for all North Shore participants. http://www.standup2cancer.org/