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Body Wraps

Experts agree that detoxifying wraps can help to stimulate the body’s natural lymph elimination functions, like sweating. These natural elimination processes can become inhibited. The Human Lymph System is responsible out of the body, The primary goal of a body wrap is to purify and then eliminate.


Wraps are perfect for clients that are starting or ending an exercise routine, a fasting, or a diet. Detox wraps can be done as often as once a week. Wraps can assists you in conjunction with your new lifestyle changed for increasing circulation and optimal health. You can feed your body through your skin!


Toxic waste actually causes the body to become misshapen and lumpy with cellulite. Body wraps are actually one of the most popular and efficient tool on how to treat cellulite. Body wraps are actually one of the most popular and efficient tool on how to treat cellulite as well as other skin problems. Most of the spas used this method as the treatment that helps on tightening and firming skin and also for detoxifying them.


Body detox wraps are cleansing. An “internal cleanse” will increase energy levels and promote weight loss in the short term, and improve your overall health in the long term.

Most of us need a body detoxification, but are unaware of it, If you smoke, drink, or eat packaged foods, you likely need a detox!


Here are more signs that you may need to detoxify your body:

  • Weak immune system
  • Lack of energy
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Smelly body odor and skin problems


A body detox wrap can pull out toxins and replace them with nutrients that are good for you, This process also aids in releasing excess far that is stored in the body due to toxic buildup. Wraps can improve your overall health, since these toxins that are stored in your body can cause major health problems down the road. After you receive your body wrap it is important to drink an adequate amount of water as the benefits of the wrap will continue for three to five days.


Who is NOT a candidate for a body wrap?

  • A client under doctor’s care should take the ingredient list form the wrap to their doctor for consultation.
  • Those undergoing care for cancer or on chemotherapy, HIV, edema, hepatitis or kidney failure should not have toxin-cleansing wraps.
  • Women who are pregnant should avoid wraps. The lymph system dumps toxins into the body’s natural waste system and to prevent that flowing to the fetus, wraps are not advised.


At Renu wraps are a big part of our business. We were the first spa in the theNorthShorethat introduced seaweed body wraps. TW reporter Bob Willis was one of our first guests, and he was so impressed with the results that he brought his crew to Renu and made us famous.


We offer seaweed, mud and organic herb based body wraps. We do not use chemicals in our wraps.