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Benefits of Massage

 “The secret of youth and beauty is the proper

 circulation of vital life fluids

and the regular discharge of waste materials.”

Harish Johari


Nothing helps the body to do just what Harish Johari says as much as massage. In fact, in the Ayurvedic tradition, massage is considered just as essential to health and beauty as good diet and other lifestyle habits. For many Indian people, massage is a regular part of a daily routine from their first day of life until their last. Babies are massaged daily until three years or so, then at least twice a week until six years of age. At six, they are encouraged to massage older members of their family in exchange for receiving massage. It is truly a family affair. Massage is given to both bride and groom before their wedding, after which they massage each other at least weekly to help shed the stress of everyday life. Women and their newborns are given daily massage for forty days after delivery. And so the circle of nurturing touch carries on. What a wonderful tradition! No wonder Indian women are known for their natural grace and charm.

Most of us in today’s modern Westernized world do not have a simple way of life with the benefits of an extended family. Still we can help ourselves using massage. It is particularly beneficial in cool climates and for those people who work more with their minds than their bodies.

The Role of Deep Pressure

Why does deep-pressure massage work in giving

Chronic-pain clients relief? When deep Pressure is applied to chronic muscle tissue and then released, the effect on circulation is like crimping and releasing a hose. The pressure releases the blood and lymph flow to make its way into this necrotic tissue, providing it with the nourishment (specifically, oxygen), it needs. This increased flow will also carry waste products, such as latic acid, out of the muscle and fascia and into the bloodstream. Deep-pressure massage feels food to chronic-pain clients because it releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers for the body.

Notable relief is experienced after a session, and so a maintenance program of at least once a week is recommended.


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