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Benefits of almond oil for body

Almond Oil

While almond oils a good massage oil, it is also costly. For this reason, its use in India as a massage oil is restricted to infants, invalids, and the elderly. Almond oil is sweet, unctuous, heavy, and suitable for kapha-dominated people since it is heating. It contains proteins, minerals, and olein, much like olive oil. It has no chlorophyll but does contain small amounts of linoleic acid, glycerides, saccharose, and asparagine. If placed in an orange glass bottle in the sun for forty days, this oil gives joy, removes pessimism and anxiety, and purifies the blood.  Because of its healthy, rejuvenating qualities, sun-cured almond oil is taken with milk as a tonic by India wrestlers. It improves their capacity to hold the breath and makes their bodies strong.

When used for massage, almond oil is excellent for muscles and ligaments, cures burning of the skin, increases semen and vitality in men, and cures swelling and dryness of all types. As a hair tonic, it not only cures dryness of the scalp and dandruff, but is also good for the brain.