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Basking…or baking… in the Sun


All the talks of SPF’s, UVA’s and UVB’s, natural vs. un-natural, mineral based or not? What does it all mean? When did choosing a sunscreen become so difficult you ask? When we realized that too much sun was damaging our skin in more ways than one. Don’t let Mr. Sun damage your skin any more this summer. Take the extra time to research what sunscreens will be best for you and your family. Not sure where to look? No problem, Natural Solutions is here to help. Dive into this ocean of articles about sunscreen and how to choose the right one for you!


Save Your Skin

Sizzle. Scorch. Seethe. These are just a few of the many words we use when our skin burns from the sun’s rays. Although most people are trying to get a tan, those UV rays are actually damaging skin cells. That damage can lead to premature aging, a weakened immune system, and, worse, skin cancer. But there are ways to get your vitamin D without the risk: Apply your sunscreen correctly.

Healthy Sun Practices

A general rule. Spending 3 to 15 minutes outdoors for light-skinned individuals and 15 to 30 minutes outdoors for darker skin tones in midday, unobstructed sun with 40 percent of your skin exposed will provide most people with a protective vitamin D level (up to 50,000 IU of Vitamin D in the next 24 hours). The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) however, is only 200 to 600 IU of vitamin D per day. Studies suggest 2000 IU per day to have a protective effect, which can be delivered by regular exposure to the sun.

Summer Overexposure

The days of carelessly sunbathing on the beach for nine hours are gone. But that doesn’t mean you have to hide in the shadows, either. Sunscreens with new formulations and antioxidant ingredients are making it easier than ever to enjoy time outside, safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Fortunately, these new formulations mean that you no longer have to look like a lifeguard circa 1970-with a white nose plastered in zinc oxide-to have the ultimate sun protection. Researchers have discovered how to pulverize sun-blocking minerals so they are colorless and glide on.

Raisin Raspberry Salad

Nothing says “summer” like a fresh fruit salad. This is a delicious recipe that you won’t regret trying! Why not try a few easy recipes that will keep your family both well and satisfied?