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Alternative Medicine

“What goes around comes around.” – Unknown

About 60 years ago, wheat was bred to be shorter and stouter. This new dwarf produced denser clusters of wheat berries on the same amount of land, thereby increasing yield and profits. But another unexpected change developed in this new dwarf wheat: the prevalence of the most allergenic gluten protein fragment.

Bottom line, half of Americans do not eat wheat, so there is no profit in growing it anymore.

Sources: Alternative Medicine Not just Celiac by Mark Sisson

This issue has few more interesting articles: “Tell-Tale Signs of Adult ADHD” by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery; “The Whole Body Approach” by Amy Vergin; “The Truth about Gout” by Isaac Eliaz.

You can find this magazine in Whole Foods, or Barnes and Noble. You can also ask local library to subscribe it. And remember the Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.