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About Us

About Renu Day Spa

We have been in business of pampering, healing and beatifying since 1986, all the time in North Shore. We started in Highland Park as a one woman business “Anna’s Electrolysis” focusing on hair removal. In 1988 Anna moved her business to Deerfield with the new name Renu Body Boutique, one of the first spas offering full skin care services, massages and becoming popular body scrubs and body wraps.  We became an instant success, outgrowing existing location quickly. In 1998 Renu Body Boutique relocated to another Deerfield location. This time it was a 5,000 sq. ft. building, built and designed to be a spa. We changed the name again to Renu Day Spa, and extended our menu with new-age services like aromatherapy, and ayurvedic treatments.  This location is our permanent destination.

Renu employs over 30 women different ages and nationalities, all passionate about their career. All the employees take pride in their job, continue education, and serve to their best knowledge and abilities.

All of us are earth friendly; believe in power of natural and organic ingredients, human touch, and science. We try to convince our clients to go the same direction in order to avoid diseases, live longer and make Earth last forever.

Renu is a holistic spa with the menu designed to meet the needs of today’s satisfied client, looking to take care of the body with the gentle product created by nature.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Renu to prove how special we really are. 

About the Owner, Anna Pamula

Anna Pamula was born in Poland 6 years after the war. Her great grandmother was a medicine woman and took the practice to a different level through her interest in nutrition and organic eating. Anna’s mom was interested in Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein – she was amazed with them. From an early age, Anna was exposed to appreciation of health and beauty.

Anna did not want to go to college,she wanted to go to beauty school. However, her parents talked her into studying and then she came to the US in 1982 during Marshal Law in Poland, as part of national research for deaf children. Political asylum was granted in the country, and Anna started a new life, deciding to go after her dream. She was teaching for GlenKirk, a non-profit organization, for mentally challenged children and adults. At the same time, she started studying beauty health. She found it extremely fascinating and she never lost interest in it, since 1984. The more she studied the field, the more impressed she is with opportunities people have to live longer, look more beautiful.

When Anna was younger, she focused on skin, nails, hair, and hair removal . Now, she knows that the true beauty comes from the inside. These days, she focuses more on spiritual growth. Her interest also grew strong in Auroveda after attending an Auroveda Camp, so much, that she added services in the Renu menu which were not quite caught on at the time of adding them. Since then, Anna has seen that the popularity of Auroveda has been resurrected, and Renu Day Spa’s new menu once again includes the service.

Organic products and aromatherapy have always maintained a strong focus for Anna, but she also respects high-tech products. She believes that if there wasn’t a need for them, they would not be on the market. However, there is a saying that Anna fondly recalls: a drop of water can wash a stone away. Meaning, if people change their daily routine with small steps, they can help avoid cancers and immune disorders, and still have great looking skin. Anna strongly believes that everyone should use organic cleansers, after all it only cleanses the skin, and there is no need to use something with chemicals. “Even though we use powerful high-tech serums, we still should use organic products for nutritional values,” says Anna.

As an animal lover, Anna only purchases lines for that spa that are not tested on animals. She also respects Vegans, thus Renu’s Organic line is Vegan. She also eats less and less meat, and believes that people can look good and be healthy using a vegetarian diet. One of the employees in the spa is Indian and she is learning how to not eat meat from her. She sees now much animals are mistreated and she does not want to be a part of the cruelty. If you cut meat consumption, that will be beneficial not only for the animals, but also for the planet. 

 We are ‘wheelchair friendly’